Why do commercial toilets smell bad?

It is no doubt that restrooms/toilets in commercial premises are the absolute central part of the building. It is an excellent piece of mind for your clients to have an onsite public toilet. But how many of your clients will ever understand how hard it is to maintain such a facility.

Two See-Through staff are deep cleaning a restroom.   Two See-Through staff are doing a tile and grout cleaning in a commercial restroom.
As a facilities detail cleaning services provider See-Through Property Services, we understand what goes into providing well cleaned and sanitised restroom/s for a high amount of traffic daily. Regardless of the money, you spend on your cleaners; your toilets may still not up to scratch. Your cleaners may clean the bathrooms every day as hard as they possibly could, but you may get from your clients saying toilets are dirty and smelly. We get it because that what exactly we solved almost every day. Your restrooms need a good spring cleaning schedule along with the general cleaning schedule to keep up with the high traffic. Since it is a little more technical and requires specialised tools and types of equipment for your cleaners, it is essential to have a professional, sincere cleaning company. At See-Through Property Services, we provide deep cleaning services in Melbourne for more than ten years. We have not only had experience in many deep cleaning practices but also heavily invested in particular deep cleaning types of equipment.

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