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Have you ever wondered about your friends beautiful tile floor that was still glowing despite of its age, comparing to your reasonably new tile floor? Ever wondered about those bright grout lines that run through the tiles? Well at See-Through we have the answer. Tile floors are great when they were new or cleaned. But the biggest problem among many of us is how to clean them. Because some of its stages no one could scrub and clean those tiles by general cleaning methods.

A regular house contact a professional tile and grout cleaner at least once a couple of years for maintenance of its tile and grout surfaces. Then look after well with very simple cleaning techniques until they get very bad. The reason for calling for a professional tile and grout cleaner is simply we cannot compare there cleaning expertise including high tech state of the art machines and tools. A regular tile cleaner has spent average $30000 to $150000 for their machines and tools. So there will be a big different cleaning your tiles by a brush and a dedicated tile and grout cleaning machine. Check with your friend about his or her tile cleaning company and give your tile floor a new lease of life.

Once you professionally clean your tile area always better to have a sealer on them.

See you next time and will talk about sealers on our next post. 

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I am Akila Peirispulle also known as Jason. I live in Melbourne Australia currently running a cleaning business called See-Through Property Services that started back in 2008. I enjoy helping others by keeping their commercial and residential places in high level of cleanliness. I hope I can bring my services to many people as possible in Australia.

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