Rubber floor deep cleaning for 12 Round Fitness

Don’t give up on your rubber floor.

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Rubber floors are fantastic floor material when it come to gyms. Not only for that noisy mate who drops the dumbbell to the floor so high, but also for the mate who slip on his own sweat. Those are not the problems for the gym owner. Keeping the floor clean is his biggest problem. Because rubber floor is not the easiest floor to clean. Thats why See-Through Property Services when to help 12 Round Fitnesses the other day. Not for exercising but for cleaning exercising floor 😉

Normal everyday dirt build up wasn’t the problem for 12 Round Fitness Camberwell. It was the builder who left the builders residual on the floor. Nick has tried so hard to clean them off the floor but un fortunately the residues gone inside the groves of the rubber floor making it looks like a haze. That’s why he called Jason @ See-Through Property Services and long story cut short Jason managed not only prepare the floor for opening (New Gym) but also professionally clean the windows.





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