Selling your house? Our High-Pressure cleaning service can give your home a new look.

"High-pressure cleaning has been our passion since 2005."

High-pressure cleaning to make your outdoors  and indoors sparkle clean in Melbourne

High-Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne has been our flagship deep cleaning service that we offer since we started our business back in 2008. See-Through High-pressure Cleaners offers Melbourne a Professional Pressure Cleaning service that is trustworthy & reliable. We were the pioneers to use the legendary US build HydroTek high-pressure steam cleaning trailer machines in Melbourne back in 2008. We use high quality locally & internationally build tools to pair up with our already high-quality devices. For example, we use;

But the secret to our final results is not only high-quality machines & tools but also more than a decade of experience in both commercial and residential high-pressure cleaning fieldwork.

explore your house again

It may not be as old as it looks. It just needs a first low-pressure steam blast. We guarantee you will not believe your eyes how much of a difference we can make on your external walls and pavers.We not only can clean all those dust, dirt & spiderwebbed grime but also we can entirely strip and seal all those outdoor pavers. Our experienced team are fully trained, insured, giving you the peace of mind that your home or business is in good hands. Let’s make your house or building white again

Commercial High Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne

Are you in search for “pressure cleaning near me”? See-Through Property Services is your number one Commercial High-Pressure cleaning service in Melbourne. Established in 2008 we have twelve years field experience to the date of 2020. We have been the premier pressure washing company to bring legendary HydroTek mobile high-pressure steam cleaning trailers to Melbourne. During the past period, we have face-lifted thousands of commercial buildings as well as residential houses. Commercial High Pressure Cleaning When it comes to periodical deep cleaning, we cannot underestimate the need for a pressure cleaning service. Countless areas cannot merely clean with elbow grease. Combining with Pressure, Heat, Chemical & Vacuum Power, we can remove even the most stubborn stains.

Residential High Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne

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