Office Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

See-Through provides a vast range of commercial office cleaning and related building services. Thank you for inviting See-Through Property Services to quote for the cleaning at your corporate office or retail business venue. Our clients tailor the cleaning tasks to their specific needs.

All quoted prices are fixed for 12 months unless you request extra cleaning. The price includes all insurances, products and equipment to perform the service. All hand soap and paper products can be provided via disbursement by the Client. All the consumables delivery charge free.

Commercial cleaning has become a significant part of the corporate office and other businesses more than ever before. Workplace staff health and wellbeing is the success of any industry—it not just keeping the bins emptied and dusting and vacuuming anymore. Modern-day cleaning services has to go over and beyond general cleaning tasks to assure the occupant’s health and safety, organising environment, eye for security, general handyman work, and sanitising.

See-Through Property Services has built a strong relationship with its Client over the last 15 years to become part of the business. Taking a considerable slice off from the staff admin means the admins have more freedom to put their valuable time to the company. 

Followings are some of the daily chores of our service. You can add more services according to your requirements. We prefer after-hours cleaning however we can organise other times too.

General Cleaning

  • Sweep and vacuum clean external approaches to the main entrance
  • Spot clean all doors, jambs and push/pull plates.
  • Spot clean marks from walls
  • Remove cobwebs were reachable by hand.
  • Spot clean marks from cupboards, cabinet doors etc.
  • Dust and clean reception desk
  • Wet mop main entry
  • Glass Cleaning

Spot clean finger marks etc. from all interior glass and mirrors

  • Feather dust glass over 1.8 meter
  • Dust all furniture, tables, chairs, counters, fixtures and fittings
  • Dust all skirting boards, window ledges & screen partition ledges
  • Dust rails and other wall fittings
  • The soil around all pictures and mirrors

Kitchen and Dining Areas (Disinfect) 

  • Vacuum clean all floors paying attention to corners and edges
  • Scrub clean all kitchen floor area
  • Clean and wipe bench tops and surrounds
  • Remove marks from outside faces on cupboards etc.

Toilets and Washrooms

  •  Clean and disinfect pans, seats, lids, urinals, handles and fittings.
  • Mop floors
  • Clean pipes, toilet doors and replenish toilet requisites
  • Spot clean marks from partitions and walls
  • Thoroughly clean all mirrors.
  • Clean shower area

Resilient Floors

  • Sweep paying attention to corners and edges
  • Thoroughly damp mop all the corners
  • All floors to be left in a non-slip and safe condition

Rubbish Disposal

  • Empty waste paper and rubbish containers
  • Replace desk bin liners
  • Remove rubbish to disposal point indicated by Client.

IT Cleaning

  • Carefully clean computer screens and vacuum keyboards
  • When Permitted

*- All See-Through staff are security screened and are required to wear the See-Through corporate uniforms and badges when performing their cleaning service so that you will identify them quickly.

  • See-Through is compliant with all liability insurance and other industry permits. Public liability insurance cover is $20,000,000.
  • See-Through is committed to protecting the environment. See-Through only uses environmentally friendly cleaning products (where this does not compromise hygiene requirements) of the highest standard and colour coded micro-fibre cloths and mops. We provide a full training program to our staff along with ongoing training and support.
  • See-Through is responsible for providing “Material Safety Data Sheets” for all the chemicals used on the premises. See-Though is also responsible for delivering “Safety signs” for cleaning in progress.

Thank you for considering See-Through for your commercial cleaning needs. We look forward to working with you.