End of Lease & Pre-Sale cleaning

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6 Yellow Box Lane, Burwood - End of lease cleaning

These are the before and after photos of 6 Yellow Box Lane Burwood. We three of See-Through Staff completed the job within one day. 

Document Before Cleaning

First, we documented everything before starting the cleaning. We noticed some damages, semi-permanent and permanent marks throughout the house. We were generous with taking pictures as a record-keeping before start the job.

Removing Spider-webs

We clean all the spiderweb/cobwebs throughout the house. We ran out spiderweb brush throughout the edges and corners of overhead sealing regardless visibility of the nets.

Remove all the marks on walls

Then we removed all the non-permanent marks on walls using the magic sponge. There were still some marks we could not remove, and we properly document them.

Oven Cleaning

The oven was not that greasy compared to other houses. But we fully dissemble the tempered glass, racks and trays and cleaned inside and out.

Kitchen sinks deep cleaning and polishing.

We thoroughly deep clean and polish stainless steel kitchen sink with Agar Chloradate & Tripple Zero Steel Wool.

Clean kitchen pantries 

thoroughly degreased with Siera Multiclean.


Thoroughly degreased with Sierra Multi clean.

Window Cleaning

Professionally cleaned all the interior and some reachable exterior windows with traditional squeegee cleaning method.

Floor areas

– Dry vacuum entire floor areas are paying attention to corners and edges.

– Carpet steam cleaning.

– Tile & grout cleaning.

Garage area

Empty all the rubbish, sweep and mop.


Garden tidying up

Grass cutting, Rubbish removal


End of Lease & Pre-sale cleaning videos

Document Before start cleaning

Explanation video about how we document everything before start End of Lease Cleaning and Pre-sale cleaning.
Premiered Sep 8, 2020

Tile & grout pressure cleaning

How to video of pressure cleaning tile and grout floor areas in six steps.

Sep 7, 2020

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleanig video
Jun 29, 2020

Stain removing on concrete floors

Importance of sealing concrete floor areas before renting out

Premiered Aug 29, 2020

House washing

House washing video
Mar 29, 2020

dirty house deep cleaned

A short video of us cleaning a very dirty house in Geelong Victoria

Jun 14, 2019