Restroom tile cleaning


Does your business treat hospitality industry? Then you may know the importance of a cleaner restroom. Specially a well sanitized and fresh floor area. Most of the time you have tile and grouts as your floor surface.

Restroom is the most important place to keep shine and bright all the time in your premise. You may own a well known restaurant, reception venue or hotel in Melbourne. Calling See-Through Property Services is the only way to keep your restroom tile and grout areas clean.

Above video is showing one of our technicians cleaning a tile and grout restroom in Toorak area.

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Efflorescence Removal / Concrete Cleaning – RSPCA BURWOOD

Project: Remove salts that presents on newly laid concrete

Place: RSPCA Building, Burwood, VIC


The construction company for RSPCA new building in Burwood was having a great issue with the concrete floor that they laid inside the building. In order to have a healthy and bacteria free condition the concrete floor had to be treated. But the salt (efflorescence) that presented on concrete floor, prevented then puting the bacteria barrier.

We use right chemicals, state of the art machineries and our expert team of pressure cleaners. Within one week time we completely removed salts from their colored concrete.

Real Estate Cleaning

Project: Preparing a property in Hawthorn, VIC for auction


This client wanted a good spruce up before they put the property into the market and he was looking for a real estate cleaning service in Melbourne. He got to understand the only Melbourne cleaning service for the job was See-Through Property Services. After having an initial meeting See-Through came up with a list of cleaning services that will give his property a new lease of life. The services we offered were;

It took us three days but final result was astonishing to the client. The property had completely new look on it specially with a stunning roof even though it was more than 60 year old. The Pebblecrete driveway was not only cleaned but also had a slight shine because of the sealer.