The best washing powder in Australia

Yesterday I went Superior Cleaning Supplies  to buy some chemicals for my cleaning service. While I was in the cleaning shop I found out many people buy a particular washing powder from Chris. And I hadn’t seen that product in any of the super markets. That trigged my curiosity and end up creating this video. Because it looks like a great product for washing clothes.

I am particular about my clothes and I always think best dress is important to everything in our life. I believe in dressing like a millionaire even when dead poor. Because it’s the first statement that you want to be a millionaire. So I always try to keep my clothes sharp for longer. I often thought harsh sunlight is the reason for discolouration of my clothes. But what I learned from Chris was absolutely mind blowing. It’s all about the chemical residue on clothes post rinsing. That make clothes go older sooner than later. We think we have rinsed the chemical but often not the case. That chemical residues ultimately breaks down our fabrics. Not only damaging clothes but also give us many skin health issues. I am going to stick with Hammersley COMMAND from now on and highly recommend you to try as well.

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